Friday, November 21, 2014

Set the Table + A Hostess Gift Guide

With so many inspiring blogs out there these days and Pinterest, it's not hard to find a little inspiration to make your holidays special. With that said, I put together a round up of my favorite Thanksgiving Tablescapes that I would be thrilled to sit down and celebrate at this year! 

xmasparty5 Winter Formal Affair

a blue willow thanksgiving table, seasonal holiday d cor, thanksgiving decorations, A Blue Willow Thanksgiving Table

Fall Centerpiece with Easy Burlap Table Runner


A Beautiful and Rustic Friendsgiving Dinner

And if you're not hosting this year, just attending, like me, there's no need to show up empty handed. So grab your favorite bottle of wine, dish, and perhaps a little something extra for your hosts! 

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Duke Addition [Shingle Selection]

Good news! After two weeks of very little progress, we finally started moving our power lines underground and we are up and running again. In the mean time, our contractor dropped off some shingle samples for our new roof. Here is a picture of what our shingle/ roof color currently looks like... 

To be perfectly honest, I never really thought twice about it before. Never noticed it, never bothered me.... but now, gosh, I am so happy to be getting a new roof and choosing our own color!  

Here is a look at a few of the samples we chose from...

We also considered Charcoal Gray and Harvard Slate, but in the end Dual Black was the winner.

I knew I wanted to stay on the gray/black spectrum versus brown/red, and I love the rich color of the Dual Black, also keeping in mind that over the years it is likely to fade a little bit and I would still be happy with the color without it being too light. 

We have one more day of framing and to finish the roof trusses before our new windows, doors, and roof can go in/up! 

Stay tuned!!... 

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Craft Room Mood Board

Elegant Crafting Room

Desk // Chair // Rug // Waste Basket // Shelves // Baskets // Boxes // Mirror // Light Pendant // Fabric

My sister recently asked me if I would put together a mood board for her office/craft room that's been sitting nearly empty since they moved into their house a year ago. She is super creative and is constantly working on new projects; whether it's a princess crown for her daughter to wear to a princess -themed birthday party, a homemade Halloween costume, or making decorations for her own parties; you name it, she's making it. 

So naturally she needs an organized but inspiring space to work in. Although there are some craft rooms out there that are filled top to bottom with shelving, cork boards, and the like, I thought something more mature would work well for her since this room will likely be used for office needs for her husband as well. I started with a large bulky executive desk that she inherited from our parents so I brought in some elements to lighten up the space, while keeping it functional. 

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Friday, November 7, 2014

Weekend Musings [Halloween]

Well I'm a week late but I couldn't pass up one last opportunity to share my sweet little elephant with you! Harrison was a hoot in his costume and surprised us by rocking it all night with no fuss at all. My sister hosted us over at her house, and I'm disappointed to say that I didn't get any pics of her cute decor, but she always goes the extra mile to make her parties and gatherings special and this one was no different! Harrison loved the balloons the most, and the adults had a lot of fun with photo props and stick-on mustaches :) 

On the home front, everything has been framed and wrapped, and they started putting up the roof trusses! This week we've had a bit of a hold up waiting on the power company to do their business but hopefully by next week, we will be back on schedule. 

Happy Friday! 

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Because No Matter Your Political Allegiance...

We Can All Support the Cocktail Party

Gold Martini Shaker // Old-Fashioned Glasses // Patriotic Pinwheel Cocktail Napkins // Hostess Gown // Bar Cart // Martini Glasses // Blue & White Petite Bowl

In honor of Election Day, I thought I'd put together a little patriotic themed cocktail party, because well let's face it, sometimes debating politics just makes you want to have a drink! 

And Yes I voted. Did you? ;)

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Duke Addition [Foundation]

Things are moving along nicely on the home front! Last week the brick layers came and finished the foundation!! It's so exciting to finally see the footprint of our new addition. We also had a minor set back with our water heater, so that had to be moved to a new corner of our mud room... and in turn means we are now going to be doing minor updates to our mudroom/laundry room/ pantry that weren't in the original scope (relocating the washer & dryer and building an enclosed pantry).  But in the end I think they will be small updates with major pay offs. 

Other than the foundation, last week we mostly had people moving things around, getting things logistically ready to start framing (plumber moved the water heater, Cable/ telephone lines were moved, & the electrician is there as we speak relocating the power box on the back of the house). So lots of little things that you can't really see, but clearly have to be done. They also hauled away scraps from the demolition and leveled out the yard, so that cleaned things up nicely. This week on the agenda: remove the HVAC unit, and (hopefully) start framing!

Check back soon for some interior inspiration posts! Thanks for reading!

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Friday, October 24, 2014

5 Year Wedding Anniversary

Today is W and my FIVE year wedding anniversary! I can't believe how quickly the past five years have come and gone, but they sure have been 5 blessed years. This weekend we are celebrating with a baby free, staycation and dinner reservations just the two of us. 

 I hope everyone enjoys their weekend, and make sure to check back next week with updates on our addition! 

Thanks for reading,

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