Monday, September 29, 2014

Spotlight : Mintwood Home

Mintwood Home

If you haven't heard already, I'm so excited to share with you the scoop on Mintwood Home. I first heard of them back in early summer when one of my best friends joined founder's, Lucia and Heloise, as the team's Director of Brand Strategy and Marketing. So I got to see little snippets of the behind the scenes work that led up to the launching of  their website in early September. I was so excited when the website went live, and have been checking back frequently ever since. Their carefully curated collections of fresh home decor include gorgeous investment pieces for your home, along with all of the fun accessories to fill in the spaces and make it your own. I've had my eye on the dried ostrich fern prints (just restocked!) for a couple of weeks and think they will make the perfect addition to our home once our reno is complete. I also love playing with the different options of their "design your own" pillow designer. I picked some of my favorite Mintwood finds above, but go check them out to see everything!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Weekend Musings [ Dirndls & Beer]

Over the weekend we went to St. Benedictine's 9th annual Oktoberfest event in Richmond's Museum District. It was especially fun to take my cousin with us, as this is her first year missing Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany after living there for the past few years (remember my travels there, here and here). We met up with a few friends there, danced, competed in a stein holding contest (our friend Scott won!), and I even got to drink my favorite german beer, Spaten-Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse. We had such a great time, and will definitely be putting it on the calendar for next year - if you're in the RVA area you should definitely check it out!

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Addition Sketches

*Disclaimer:these are rough sketches I made of our addition plans and are not drawn to scale. 

As I mentioned last week, we are in the early stages of building an addition on to our home, and I'm excited to share some rough sketches of what we have planned! 

Before we talked to our builder, we explored different options for our home. Namely, should we build up (finish attic space) or build out (adding a completely new structure)? After weighing some pros and cons, we finally decided we would feel most comfortable having all of the bedrooms on the same level. Especially with having such a young child. We also felt that building out would give our tiny house a much more open feel. Versus adding a staircase that would actually cut into out living space and most likely have angled, cramped ceilings upstairs. 

My one other qualm with our house in it's current state is the cramped nature of having a small living room. When it was just the two of us, we honestly didn't mind the "cozy" closeness, but adding a 3rd family member, and any guests we have over has tipped the scale from cozy to cramped.  With all that being said, this is how we came up with our "get us to stay in this house" must haves for an addition. 

Thanks for following along!

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Friday, September 19, 2014


It's been a crazy couple of weeks for my family, but I am so excited to share that we are building onto our house! To back up a little, we actually started this process in April, but it has been VERY slow moving (having plans drawn, revisiting & finalizing the plans, getting a detailed estimate, financing, and permits) but as of Monday morning we are officially ready for construction, and I feel ready to share some more details on the blog. 

When we bought our house 5 years ago in our dream neighborhood, it was our plan to build on to it eventually, although we didn't even know if that would be reasonable for us. Now that it's all happening, we are so excited to stay in our little starter home and make it better suited for our needs. Having been here for 5 years now, we know exactly what we want and what will work for our family. With that being said, I can't wait to bring you along on our building journey over the next few months! 

So for starters, what exactly are we doing? Well, we are adding approx. 600 sq.ft. consisting of a master bedroom suite and a new family room. Our old den will become a proper dining room, making our kitchen much more open and breathable. But I will share more on the new lay out later. 

Over the weekend, W got started on demolishing the back deck and taking down a small (well it was bigger than we thought) tree in our back yard. And today, our builder met with the power company to discuss running our power lines underground. So as much as the process has been painstakingly slow so far, it is starting to come to fruition!

Thanks for reading!
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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fall Finery

Fall Finery

hat // sweater // lip moxie // booties // distressed jeans // clutch // eye shadow palette // booties //eternal optimist - nail polish // shirt // tote

Now that it's officially past labor day, I guess it's OK to get a little excited about Fall weather.. but more importantly fall clothes. My summer wardrobe is all burnt up and I'm ready for a change. Here are some things I'm currently craving. What's on your fall wish list? 

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Harrison's Birth Story


Now that our little Harrison is nearing the 8 month mark, I thought it was as good a time as any to share his birth story with you all. Before having this whole experience, I never realized just how different labor can be for people and how each and every birth story is unique. I was lucky enough to have a very pleasant (if that makes any sense at all) experience, and although I've debated for quite some time now on whether I actually wanted to share this, I also thought it might be nice to document it for myself... so here it goes...

The weeks leading up to my due date, I was anxiously anticipating that first contraction, signalling that labor was starting. I waited and waited, and nothing. I didn't know what to expect, and when I asked, "what do contractions feel like?" all I kept hearing was "it's hard to explain, but you'll know what it is, you'll just know". So I kept waiting, until I finally had my last doctor's appointment on a Friday morning at 39 weeks and because I had progressed so much, and Harrison was getting so big (more on that later), my doc said the magic words, "well if it doesn't happen naturally before then, we will go ahead and schedule you to be induced on your due date" - January 17th. Hallelujah. I had a specific day, at the very latest, I knew this baby would be coming out. Get. Him. Out.  

Two more days passed until the wee hours of Monday morning on January 13th around 2:30 a.m., I was sleeping ever so UN-comfortably, and then it happened. A contraction. They started slow and weak at first, coming about every 10 minutes, but I knew, just like everyone said I would. It was happening. So after about 30 minutes, Wesley was still sleeping, so I got out of bed, woke him, told him it was time, but I wanted to get a shower before we headed to the hospital. So I showered, put on a fresh face (yes, I'm that girl) and called my mom on the way to the hospital. We got to the hospital around 3:45 a.m.; my contractions had gotten much stronger and picked up to about every 5 minutes. Wesley stayed at my side the entire time holding my hand through each one, and watching the monitor, letting me know when they were almost over. Around 5 a.m. my mom got there and shortly after, the nurse said the doctor would be by soon for my epidural. Oh thank God. 

The epidural part was a little intimidating, because the nurses made Wesley and my mom leave the room, but at that point I was ready to take on anything, as long as it would take away the pain of the contractions. All the worry was for nothing, because it went in perfectly and worked like a dream. Within a few minutes, I was numb, and happy as a clam. Then we just had to wait. The next few hours feel kind of like a blur because we were all impatiently waiting for the time to push, making jokes, and just hanging out like I wasn't about to push a watermelon sized baby out of my you know what. 

Finally around 11:45, it was push time. My mom left Wesley and I to go join my sister and mother-in-law in the waiting room, and dang it those anxious nerves started returning - not knowing what to expect. But we had the sweetest labor nurse, Megan, who talked me through the whole way and it was all very calm at first. Wesley put on some Tom Petty on his iPod, and it was go time. The pushing process went quite slow at first, but when Harrison was just about ready to make his debut, the doctor came in and joked that it wasn't every day he delivered a baby, while listening to Tom Petty. The pushing kind of felt like it was all in slow motion, until Harrison was actually born and then everything sped back up to real time. The doctor pulled him out, and immediately placed him on my chest, and all of my built up nerves and emotions just flew out of me all at once. I was overwhelmed at the sight of this little human that was growing in me for 9 months and I started balling. 

Harrison weighed in at a whopping 10 lbs even and 21 inches long. After the commotion settled with visitors, and congratulations, and it was just us with our new baby boy. It was so exciting and scary, knowing that we are parents of this new baby but have no idea what we're doing, so we just stared at him in wonder, and he's been teaching us how to be parents every day since then. 

So there's a little Labor story to kick off this Labor Day weekend. I hope you all enjoy a nice holiday, and as always, thanks for reading along!

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Friday, August 15, 2014

All Dressed Up & Nowhere to Go

All Dressed Up & Nowhere to Go

1 / 2 / 3 / 4/ 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

We're headed down to DVL for another low key weekend, but lately I've been getting a little tired of my "mom" attire, so I dreamed up a collection of dresses I would love to wear, be it to a wedding or event, or even just a fun date night! 
I hope you all have a great weekend! 

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