Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Weekend Musings [Tailgating & Football]

This weekend we headed down to W's Alma mater to the HSC homecoming football game with some friends. It was Harrison's first football game/ tailgating experience and we had so much fun! It's definitely a whole different experience with a baby but we just loved seeing him crawl around, discover grass, make new baby friends, and people watch in wonderment.  

The nice thing about fall, besides the gorgeous weather and changing leaves, are the abundant of outdoor activities to enjoy. Football games, berry farms, vineyards, festivals, and so much more... we're making the most of the season and our weekends by slowly checking these off the list! 

What fun things are you getting into this fall? 

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Man Cave Makeover

Man Cave Makeover

Decorating a man cave can be a funny thing, juggling the wants of your man while also keeping style and function in mind. My hubby and I have recently been discussing turning our current bedroom into a man room for him once our new master suite is complete, so I was excited when Man Crates asked me if I wanted to participate in their ''Man Room Makeover'' Campaign to get a little inspiration and creative juices flowing. Man Crates is an online shop for the perfect brag-worthy gifts for your man, but what makes them so different is these well curated, themed gifts come packaged and shipped in wooden crates to be opened by none other than an included laser engraved crow bar. How cool is that?! Definitely something to brag to his friends about!

 When decorating a man cave of any kind, I'd advise straying away from your typical tacky sports memorabilia and neon beer signs, but you also have to think about the man who will be enjoying the space, and don't take it too seriously (this is a Fun Zone after all). And ask what are his hobbies, likes, and what is most important to him? When thinking about W, I can answer those questions pretty quickly... he needs a place to sit back, drink a cold one - out of some personalized barware?, while listening to music and checking his fantasy games.

For this mood board I pictured a basement space --what is it with men's infatuation with basements?!-- so I thought the fireplace provides the warm and cozy factor while creating the perfect focal point.  I die over the look of the classic Eames Chair and and it fits the masculine space well. W has a thing for collecting vinyls and listens to 90% of his music on a turn table, so I thought the vintage record player added a little fun style.  I chose a black and white photo of Muhammad Ali boxing under water for whimsical art, and of course, the necessity of a bar cabinet in a man cave goes without saying.

What do you think? Do you think you could see yourself watching Sunday night football in this room? I don't think I would mind it one bit! 

You can check out all of the details of my Man Lounge here.

Thanks to Man Crates for inviting me to participate in their "Man Cave Makeover" Campaign! 

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Addition Update

Well, it happened! Last week we broke ground (finally!) on our home addition. They dug out, and poured the footings, which is super exciting for us because now we can kind of get a better visual of the spaces to be. Next on the schedule is to move our electrical lines underground, laying foundation, and framing. I'm hoping things will start moving more quickly now, but I will continue to update you along the way! 

Thanks so much for reading,
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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Weekend Musings [ Apple Picking & Picnics]

A couple weekends ago we headed up to Charlottesville to take the babes to Carter's Mountain Orchard for some apple picking and finished off the afternoon with a picnic at King Family Vineyards. It was such a fun day, and the cool weather actually rolled in for a change since we've still been having mostly warm days this Fall. I know it's cliche, but Fall really is, without a doubt my favorite season, and nothing is more Fall to me than a day spent in the mountains with the cool air and changing trees all around. 

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Spotlight : Mintwood Home

Mintwood Home

If you haven't heard already, I'm so excited to share with you the scoop on Mintwood Home. I first heard of them back in early summer when one of my best friends joined founder's, Lucia and Heloise, as the team's Director of Brand Strategy and Marketing. So I got to see little snippets of the behind the scenes work that led up to the launching of  their website in early September. I was so excited when the website went live, and have been checking back frequently ever since. Their carefully curated collections of fresh home decor include gorgeous investment pieces for your home, along with all of the fun accessories to fill in the spaces and make it your own. I've had my eye on the dried ostrich fern prints (just restocked!) for a couple of weeks and think they will make the perfect addition to our home once our reno is complete. I also love playing with the different options of their "design your own" pillow designer. I picked some of my favorite Mintwood finds above, but go check them out to see everything!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Weekend Musings [ Dirndls & Beer]

Over the weekend we went to St. Benedictine's 9th annual Oktoberfest event in Richmond's Museum District. It was especially fun to take my cousin with us, as this is her first year missing Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany after living there for the past few years (remember my travels there, here and here). We met up with a few friends there, danced, competed in a stein holding contest (our friend Scott won!), and I even got to drink my favorite german beer, Spaten-Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse. We had such a great time, and will definitely be putting it on the calendar for next year - if you're in the RVA area you should definitely check it out!

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Addition Sketches

*Disclaimer:these are rough sketches I made of our addition plans and are not drawn to scale. 

As I mentioned last week, we are in the early stages of building an addition on to our home, and I'm excited to share some rough sketches of what we have planned! 

Before we talked to our builder, we explored different options for our home. Namely, should we build up (finish attic space) or build out (adding a completely new structure)? After weighing some pros and cons, we finally decided we would feel most comfortable having all of the bedrooms on the same level. Especially with having such a young child. We also felt that building out would give our tiny house a much more open feel. Versus adding a staircase that would actually cut into out living space and most likely have angled, cramped ceilings upstairs. 

My one other qualm with our house in it's current state is the cramped nature of having a small living room. When it was just the two of us, we honestly didn't mind the "cozy" closeness, but adding a 3rd family member, and any guests we have over has tipped the scale from cozy to cramped.  With all that being said, this is how we came up with our "get us to stay in this house" must haves for an addition. 

Thanks for following along!

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